28.10.2022: AMG200 - suit for life support, protection and functional ensurement (prototype stage).



  1. Helmet

  2. Skeleton (framework on the body)

  3. Gloves

  4. Bracelets

  5. Jacket

  6. Pants

  7. Shoes

  8. Belt

  9. Backpack: protection module / life support module / autonomous power source module / control and communication module / ventilation module


Construction - modular / all types, depending on the external environment, the most suitable model and functions are selected. All light and heavy elements can be connected to the structural frame of the helmet. The helmet can be used as an individual accessory independently of other components of the suit and/or combined with the skeleton frame with any element or whole of the suit. The helmet's autonomous modular power source supports the helmet's heating, cooling, ventilation, steam removal and structural material functions.

structural frame of the helmet

  • made of light alloy

  • has a quick system connection to extensions

light elements

  • face shield (easily mounted on the structural frame) with a display output and the ability to control content by voice and/or other means (e.g. via wristbands, keyboard, etc.)

  • functions: environmental capture and data collection (cameras, microphones, sensors, etc.) / system data exchange support / environmental and body temperature capture / external and internal pressure capture / body function analysis and biometric data collection / communication link support / air filtration and virus removal / adaptive protection: individual, complex / support of element integrity / support of adaptive autonomous energy source

heavy elements

  • designed to absorb and protect the head from impacts, mechanical and other damages


2. SKELETON (framework on the body)

The chain membered frame-skeleton of light alloy or polymer on which any of the elements is mounted or placed. The purpose of the skeleton is to evenly balance area, weight, ergonomics and other elements of distribution according to functionality. All elements of the skeleton can be separate: arms, legs, head, chest, back, lower legs, etc. All skeletal structures are supported by heating, cooling, ventilation, etc. In the event of skeletal injury, a skeletal realignment function is provided to restore basic skeletal integrity and functionality.


The platform for broad purpose sensors. Additionally, the glove has a built-in manipulative tongs, which allows you to perform additional force and other manipulative actions and tasks, depending on the level of complexity and heaviness.



The platform for input and duplicated output information. Additionally, depending on the level of danger, the bracelets has feature algorithmic protection systems, that allows protection against certain interventions and damage to the body and the integrity of the suit.



The platform for ventilation support. The jacket consists of two separate modular mesh fabrics, which additionally perform the following functions: I – protection against mechanical damage, II – protection against electromagnetic and other radiation.



The platform for protection and support of sensitive functional areas. Pants are modulated depending on the task, which implementation requires a long or short period of time. For a long period of use, the pants have a system for removing traces of human functions, which contents are stored in the capsule of the backpack. This capsule can be exchanged for a new empty capsule at any time as needed.



The platform for moisture collection, orthopedic foot adapter, cooling-heating-ventilation and massaging. The shoes have limited movement mobility (does not allow to turn, deviate, bend). The special function of connecting the shoes fixes the joint of the knee. In the front part the shoes have stiff reinforcements, that prevent strong impacts and/or give the shoes a form of support.



The platform for the energy power modules supporting, equipment mounting, first and essential medical aid elements.



An autonomous platform for a power source of increased power, air filtration of increased performance, storage of helmet parts and large modulation components transportation. Depending on the modification the backpack may contain component parts, that allow to ensure the necessity of the suit and body functioning.

protection module

  • electromagnetic protection

  • integrity assurance system: if damage to a part of the suit is detected, the functions of this part will be taken over by undamaged parts of the suit

life support module

  • climate control

  • adaptive medicine cabinet

  • body monitoring system, which depending on the damage or change in the body's basic functions, performs algorithmic operations and/or informs the operator about the need to make physical decisions or other manipulations

autonomous power source module

  • the functions of the suit can be provided by the energy of all basements (heat, light, batteries, internal reactor, modulating energy of autonomous energy sources)

control and communication module

  • remote access and control of all suit modules and functions is possible

  • provides continuous or algorithmic communication with a multi-channel central base

• ventilation module

  • fans, tubes for heating and cooling

  • autonomous operation and/or together in the system as required