26.10.2022: Maybe it's time everyone got their eyes checked? The projects being developed in the world today are limited to nomenclatural actions, not promising development. An eye doctor would clearly see signs of myopia here. Project funding is based on imposed compliance criteria, that have nothing to do with the final product. Thousands of calls for applications for the development of new technologies and ideas are published. Applications are submitted with incredible finesse, with the purpose - to get funding. And since when do you need money to create something new, maybe creative muses are sold in supermarkets or on YouTube?
          In the history of the world, there are many examples when working prototypes of new technologies are not interesting to anyone, until the conditions for it arise: crisis, pandemic, recession, end of resources, famine of ideas, etc. Then we face a situation where the money was spent, the result is zero, precious time was lost, because all the obtained results were attracted to the desired result.

       Hydrogen fuel cells - the future of human development? We will pour pure hydrogen into safe containers, produce electricity through a catalytic reaction, and call it moving with hydrogen? There was a time not long ago when the laws of physics were taught in schools and explained about the penetration of hydrogen through matter. Everyone forgot, that in 30 days period everyone hydrogen container loses from 23 to 60 percent of own pure hydrogen? Where is the economy, consumers will be warned about it?


To be continued...


22.10.2022: Who doesn't know history – will repeat the same historical mistakes. 150 years ago, it was said that fossil energy sources are only a temporary solution in the short term. The rule, that there is nothing more permanent than temporary, has proven itself once again. The long-term and massive use of fossil resources in energy systems has finally brought the world to a dead end. We announce funding and tenders, organize hackathons, invest in startups, allocate impressive budgets, and try to catch that one idea? The result: All quiet on the Western front (Erich Maria Remarque)?

          But do we all really want and are we ready for an absolute energy innovation? Can we end with this stone age already, when there are still stones around...?

          One of the possible solutions to the problem – water. Water as a universal type of fuel can be used in all states of aggregation and as individual elements: hydrogen and oxygen. Water is an ideal chemical state for storage, transportation, and conversion to other types of energy. After passing through the modulated fields, the hydrogen ions acquire new properties and a huge amount of energy is released here. So, we have a new energy direction for movement in space and on earth.

          Don't mix hydrogen with other gases, don't make hydrogen for storage and transportation, we certainly don't need a visible and bright burning flame that we could take for use from a burning spot. The controlled use of freshly produced and immediately consumed hydrogen in small quantities is safe, because the surface tension of the shielding material needs to be maintained in order for an explosion to occur.

          Aviation and space technology have evolved through pushing forces and we have relegated aerostats as an unreliable and non-progressive form of propulsion in space. Maybe it's time to remember what is forgotten and take a new look at aerostats?


To be continued...

03.10.2022: The use of hydrogen in industry is currently only a few percent due to the limitations of modern technologies. Meanwhile, hydrogen is absolutely unused in the household. The goals set for science were focused on the production of cheap hydrogen, although the essence of the problem is and was the use of hydrogen. The publicized way of using hydrogen, which is often described as burning hydrogen by mixing it with other gases, is wrong and has absolutely no prospects for a technological breakthrough. Due to hydrogen burning speed and point burning, the use of hydrogen-based temperatures is very problematic and dangerous in modern devices.

       For example, through the existing gas pipeline we allow up to 20% of hydrogen mixed with methane gas (although hydrogen cannot be mixed and stored with other gases in the long term) to combustion boilers in power plants or to the final household user. Most of the modern gas heating boilers are created using the principle of blowing gas on the material or burning gas through burners and the principle of all combustion boilers in power plants is similar to a pot placed on a gas stove by a household user, in which immediately appears a hole, because the pot is not adapted to such temperature jumps, roughly rounded to lower half 3000 °C.

        Hypothetically, let's imagine that the pot did not appear a hole, because it was made of a newly discovered super material and let's imagine an ordinary household user who tries to stop the combustion process of the gas mixture. The burning speed of hydrogen leads a sudden introduction of the flame into the supply gas network, which in turn will cause catastrophic consequences for the network and nearby household consumers. Regardless of the operating principle of the selected gas heating boiler, all boilers will also burn out very quickly, if we use pure hydrogen or mix it with other gases.

       A possible alternative - hydrogen fuel cells and electricity obtained from them? Unfortunately not, but the comment on this technological direction later.

       During independent experiments it was noticed that hydrogen, under certain fields and conditions, acquires new properties completely uncharacteristic of it. Therefore, hydrogen should be considered as a substance for which, by changing the exposure conditions at the subatomic level, an extremely large amount of energy can be practically extracted. The use of energy at the subatomic level, allows us to expand the discussion about the use of hydrogen not only in industry and household, but also in aviation, shipping, space, etc. i.e.


To be continued...