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19.04.2024: Quanta, fields, transitions


      Quantum transition is an inexhaustible topic, in which no one knows anything, but everyone who presents his hypothesis tries to prove it in the framework of classical physics. An example is a tool to help us understand what we are talking about, because where there is novelty and a desire to escape from the existing metric system of measurement and understanding, we need examples, which would show that is different and that current science cannot explain it. For example, we have one apple and 10 observers. If we have an apple as a one unit, then it cannot be seen and perceived as an object by another observer. The paradox of "multiplication" works here, which is not proven, because a strange mathematical absurdity is obtained, that a material object, being alone, suddenly becomes perceived as a material object by 10 other observers, but regardless of how many observers appear, their sum does not increase the number, mass and volume of apples / objects. One object observed by many observers does not occupy additional space in the volume. Attempts to prove that electrons multiply and disappear through the barrier are purely a matter of perception. The tunnel effect or the appearance of parallel universes in a particular example only shows that the hypothesis of constant multiplication is not working.

      A quantum system operates in its own X time measurement and X space. We see an apple in one time scale vector, in another time system – the same apple has just appeared, so it is impossible to consider and firmly state that the apple is perceived only in such a system where the observer is. After all, there is no way to accurately measure the moment of time when it appeared, because the multiplication of the apple, as a perceived object is defined exclusively only from superposition, where the apple was in turn defined by the surrounding physics.

      The structure of all objects, even the smallest atoms, electrons, etc. is trying to perceive as a tangible object – a bubble, although all tests show that it is a field and a frequency – a vibration rather than flying bubbles. The same collider also works on the principles of fields and there is no released bubble in the tube. And all the values that are displayed on the computer screen and in other measuring devices, show only those values that were already foreseen by the device developers in the limit scales of the device before your experiment. Measuring devices will never show any new value, any new object or element that is outside the measuring scale of the device, because all measuring devices algorithmically record only the values recognized by the device. A natural question arises, what is everyone measuring during classical experiments and who is trying to deceive whom in this way?

      Many times it is tried to say that in order to perceive what you see and measure it, you need a measuring device / tool that matches the object being measured and its physics. For example, we measure gravity, which even current physical science does not know how to touch and measure, and hypotheses are raised that are adapted to the scales of current physics and measuring devices. No matter how many times you turn a spoon it will still be a spoon, the same with measurements limited by scales of measuring, there are systems that measure in feet, so why not start measuring something else with spoons?

      The world is changing in front of our eyes, scientists are publicly silent and try in every possible way not to see that – what simply cannot be? A change in the smallest atomic constant of hydrogen changes the entire periodic table of elements. So, try to guess how the “accurate” measuring devices that are calibrated according to the old system behave and what they measure now?

      While developing the topic, it should be mentioned that modern science underestimates many things, one of them – fields. About the structure and nature of fields, as well as about our electricity, only units know how everything is not like that, but we are falsely proud of having oceans of hypotheses. And again, there is a problem, because none of the official hypotheses on this topic work and do not explain anything. A hypothesis that doesn't apply to working devices is just an explanation of why it could be, and unfortunately the current world is guided by such explanations as axioms...


You must understand what you see, but you can't blindly believe – check!


Association “Anima mundi”


To be continued…


12.02.2024: New year – old challenges!

      Looking back on the past year, we can safely say that there was no good news in the technologies of hydrogen, batteries, aviation, space, or fuel cells, no new technological breakthroughs appeared and there was just a huge parade of misfortunes and failures. The world has gained experience and is in trouble again because no one wants to talk about it and publicly name how bad things are. Those who speak the language of failure do not attract money. Fools easily believe a lie and follow a liar, while smart people learn from a fool and try not to fall among fools. Which category do you belong to?

      Everyone in the world expected hydrogen to quickly replace natural gas, but in reality – it was an absolute fiasco. It was intended to put the cart before the horse, i.e. to produce a lot of hydrogen in the beginning, and then see where it can be used in real life? For the naive, let's remind the “bubble” technologies, with public slogans and dithyrambs that announced how soon we will start using hydrogen. Pipelines were built ostensibly for the supply of hydrogen, but where to store such huge amounts of it? As in a good soviet anecdote about hell: firstly – they didn't transport shit, secondly – they ran out of spoons... Scientists and investors never cease to entertain and make the whole world laugh, but maybe you should read H. C. Andersen's tale about the naked king and everything would finally stand up from head on legs?!

      For several years now, self-proclaimed hydrogen pioneer countries and science gods cannot solve even elementary technological problems, such as hydrogen combustion and storage. Hydrogen is our future and has enormous prospects for use, but in several decades, a reliable technology for burning hydrogen in heating boilers has not even been developed. We have written before that all developers faced the same hydrogen problems, but instead of trying to be fair and invite developers to submit only working prototypes to tenders, we have gone to a complete absurdity, where only universities with corporations can develop and present technologies for public evaluation. Governments change, funds are wasted, there is always not enough money and so year after year nobody creates anything new. There is no other explanation, because when some real human-made technological solutions come out somewhere in the world, they try to ignore it in every possible way.

     The fervent craze and unconditional faith in start-ups are already out of fashion in the world, because crises always show how wasted investments and how cheated investors really were. The automotive industry seems to have woken up, while the aviation and space industry is still far from waking up. Finally, everyone in the automotive industry fully understood that there will be no hydrogen fuel cells in the future, nor the much-desired traditional way of filling hydrogen gas. It is very sad in the space and aviation industry, hydrogen-based flights do not take place, and various technology replicas presented as innovations do not work in practice. Remember the pride of the Atlantic coasts with the failed missile launches – as if they learned and found out!?

      Stop deceiving yourself and others, take off your hats with notes that say you are No. 1 in the world. We wonder how many more absolute fiascos it will take for all of you to notice those who solved problems without reward systems and noticed it, what you all have been missing for decades? A. Einstein has said: the universe and human stupidity are limitless, although I'm not sure about the first... The situation is changing every day, groups of the “chosen” are making enormous efforts and are still arguing about how far the apple falls from the apple tree, but the frequency is rising violently. Therefore, it is possible: individual sleep disturbances, sudden awakenings at night, strange sensations in the head, stomach or intestines, thoughts may change, strange feelings may plague you, because THAT event will inevitably happen... It's long past time to observe for yourself and form the habit of constantly checking what is published publicly...

      Forget that unearned money, remember the old stories about bees, because you live at this time when the palette of nature outside the window is inexplicably changing. Go outside the city for a little while and finally raise your eyes to the sky, remember astronomy, find old printed astronomical maps, look for the differences yourself, it is simply impossible not to notice such a change. The results of other progress are coming soon, but everyone will have to stop and change direction individually, the sooner you do it, the better your chances are...

      Dilemma: pull out the stuck dagger quickly and publicly give everyone a solution to the problem of hydrogen burning to the point, give away new principles of hydrogen production, supply and storage, or pull the stuck dagger slowly? In the working groups, we already have perfected full-cycle solutions for each individual hydrogen problem, we are already dividing the working hydrogen prototypes into different generations, and what do you have prepared? For many of you, the year 2024 is the deadline for hydrogen solutions, but why do we hear some kind of awkward silence from your side?

      Now you will all attack to deny and say that if there is no official confirmation of the technology by a universally recognized scientific representative, it is just bold and loud statements? There is something wrong with your heads... There was no discussion, you don't want to discuss, because you were born knowing everything right away!? Unfortunately, there are still people in this world who stick to their words and do not deny their words, culturally criticize, and make comments only when they know the essence of the matter very well. Everyone, who understands what they are talking about clearly, sees that the generally recognized representatives of science and developers of hydrogen technology standards are either lying to everyone or are absolute dilettantes when it comes to hydrogen issues. You are doing and announcing to the public what strictly cannot be done with hydrogen, what you will never be able to implement and in general the accepted direction and formed attitude towards hydrogen is wrong!


Association “Anima mundi”


To be continued…

15.01.2024: For those who have waited patiently: reflections on the past, present and perspectives…


      With each passing day the questions are increasing, and the answers are decreasing, but the statements of the lions and almost gods of science about how they begin to begin, are becoming more and more fierce. Authoritarian regimes are increasingly ridiculed with loud statements that Europe, together with USA, will soon tear Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and all their supporters to pieces. But the military conflict in Ukraine, on the contrary, revealed enormous problems in the scientific fields of the European Union, USA and their supporters, such as: hyper speed or the protection of a physical object against missile/drone strikes. Our Great Ones decided to treat the problems with money and false prophets, but such medicines turn into poison when you don't know the exact dosage.

      For several years the World has been trying to abandon oil, natural gas, coal, so they have written all the media walls with loud slogans that all we need is an ocean of hydrogen and we will have a huge amount of green energy... Really? Where are those heralds hiding now, who argued that they will soon start supplying household consumers with hydrogen gas or mixtures with hydrogen additive? Where are those revolutionary heating systems for the household user? We can go on and on with this list of shame, but none of the goals we set, have moved from the point of death. The start-ups created unrealistic fantasies, and the mentors next to them – taking advantage of the naivety of the start-ups, created legal schemes to absorb huge sums of money through the process of realizing the fantasies. In the end, some left with bitter experiences and sprouted horns, while others left with money and now imagine themselves to be cunning, rich and invisible. We wanted it to be better, but it turned out like always...

      Those who don't want to hear it, we must repeat the same obvious truth again, that the world is not changed by the idea itself, but by its Executor, in whose mind it was formulated and conveyed through the PROTOTYPE made – a mechanism, which works and does the work. But the World will better focus on deception and lies that are more pleasing to the ears, because it is easier to convince everyone. All kinds of contests, hackathons / “chachathons” :), or simply posting with aspiration to get your ideas with detailed descriptions, are used as a means for the lie to flourish. Nothing is promised in return for submitting ideas, but if you are a particularly naive altruist, you will find out after a few rounds of deadline extensions that your idea has not been selected for the next round. You won't win anything, and your ideas will be quietly passed on to corporations or other interested parties for further development. But everything doesn't end there so simply, if fundamental questions arise during the further development of your idea – expect unexpected guests, who will walk everywhere with shoes, check for dust, perform a free audit, set new procedures and definitely leave you a letter of honour.

      There are countless examples when even the organizers of the contests themselves do not follow the established conditions of the contest, for example, we have three categories: 1) SOLUTION – a detailed description that focuses on the correction of already existing solutions; 2) IDEA – an imaginary object or the presentation of a possible new technology; 3) PROTOTYPE – a physical object that performs work. Finally, the participant with the most beautiful hairstyle or the most beautiful hat wins the competition. The organizers decide that the prototype does not work without even seeing and touching it physically. So, let's remember one writer who said: “all you have to do is look closely at the problem and the solution will emerge.”

     Some fantasize, others dream, and others already use developed, manufactured and tested working prototypes, for example: shield field generator that allows you to create an arc of fields around an object, that defeats resisting materials by forcing the resisting materials into a gaseous state. Objects that have entered, including air, are exposed to the field – fluctuate and in this way eliminate the material's density and resistance. Such a field generator, which forms its own system and violates the general structure of space, is also a source of energy. It can be a defense system, one of the elements of which allows missiles, planes and other objects to move without resistance. And in this case, the excerpt from the anecdote about the student and the Professor is perfect: “Student, it can't be, because I'm – the Professor, so it can't be true!”.

      A few years ago, it was explained at motor shows that the production of passenger cars with replaceable hydrogen fuel cells will begin at the end of 2023. Is that new knowledge bitter? Car industry concerns have been shouting that they will soon put hydrogen-powered trucks into mass production. And something happened again, an uncomfortable silence? We should also mention the airplane and space industry, where the Big Ones shouted over each other that they had already built airplanes and rockets that fly on hydrogen. All of them would undoubtedly have succeeded in everything, but as usual they started and ran out of money, someone again lacked the will to give more than was asked for! The whole system of science broke down when the World determined grants by citations, not by the fact of the object. A student cannot oppose a professor who lives only by his scientific discoveries, otherwise the professor will be out of a job and the student will destroy professor's house of cards. There are a lot of Pyro fights going on in the World right now, but as Pyro said: “a few more victories like this and we will fail”.

      Fact: the atomic structure constant of hydrogen has changed. Can it be so in nature (physics, chemistry, etc.) that a change of even one particle (constant) does not change any other processes? What happened to the fields surrounding the hydrogen nucleus that caused the nucleus to change in volume? Schumann resonance... everyone who individually measures and analyses, lives in a wonderful time when... Those small/big problems that were managed locally until now, knowing the size of your figure alone will no longer be enough, the price of wrong decisions or overconfidence in your own strength – game over. In addition to this, additional functions specifically adapted to the individual, a portable independent power source will be needed... but let it be only a fantasy about the near future of protective suits.

      So, what will happen now with the pipelines that you desire to supply hydrogen or its mixture with other gases to household consumers and industry? How will you now recommend powering insatiably green electric car engine: with lithium-ion batteries (which, when the arctic cold hit Sweden, showed how quickly electric cars become pins on the highway between heavy-duty cars with internal combustion engines) or with hydrogen fuel cells (which produce electricity during the reaction, emit high temperatures and thus can fight the arctic cold)? Yes, the temperatures are rising, so let's imagine what will happen next: working groups will be formed to solve all the newly arising problems, everyone has made, is making and will make efforts to search for extraordinary solutions, they will form Dream teams of the World's best scientists and Nobel prize winners, they will separately approach the UK royal societies or academia, will take advantage of support programs, governments support, and in reality no one will do anything until the day of the final verdict, when the answers to the desired result will be presented to the public.


      A lot has remained on the margins, a lot has remained silent, a lot of technology has been controlled and placed deep in drawers, but what will happen to those drawers when the physics around us changes and when, that physics without exception, affects not just the technologies we use every day, but also each of us individually?



Association “Anima mundi”


To be continued…



30.07.2023: The truth is beyond the limit...

      We have all seen and experienced the same laws from youth. In the beginning our parents, and then the school and the university, set limits for us that cannot be crossed. Back in school it was explained that an atom has a nucleus, which consists of neutrons and protons. But... let's analyze what force holds those neutrons and protons? Just at the beginning let's reformulate the question differently: what is the field that holds those objects and what is the nature of that field?

    Until now everyone explains about magnetic, electromagnetic and other field, but the field that holds neutrons and protons, a million percent, that it is from the scale of fields unknown and incomprehensible to us. A magnetic or electromagnetic field does not act or interact with dielectrics and other materials that do not share the same part of the field, as and a magnetic or electromagnetic field. But... the gravitational field affects without exception all types of fields and materials known to us – regardless of the structure of the atom. So, it becomes completely unclear, what is that gravitational field and what is its nature?

      Science has created an infinite number of theories that do not really work and explain only by assumptions what is there between neutrons and protons and what role the gravitational forces play in the nucleus. According to current theories, everything has a shelf life, in other words – a beginning and an end, decay periods, etc. According to this theory the fields that hold the nucleus of an atom in one system together, must first come from something and after producing the amount of energy, which was used to maintain the neutrons and protons – disappear? Is everything okay here with the law of conservation of energy and quantum theory? After all nothing comes from nothing and nothing disappears anywhere?! A field that keeps neutrons and protons bound just thought of giving birth to itself and then moving to another system or systems and giving no effect? In other words, the distance, that attracts or pushes neutrons and protons or other particles, what is the nature of this field?


So many questions and zero answers!!!


      Experiments have shown that the nature of these fields is not magnetic or electromagnetic, not even gravitational! The fields that determine the binding of particles into systems operate in the spectrum of other fields (waves) that interact with all materials precisely at the quantum level. For example, a permanent magnet only attracts ferromagnets, but interacts with other large atomic connections, through certain shapes and movement. I. e. when a (permanent) magnet is placed in a copper tube and allowed to fall freely, the magnetic fields interact with the copper atomic connections to create EMF (electromotive force) about itself and the magnet, but this miracle does not manifest itself through dielectrics. Or are we mistaken in thinking, that gravity is some kind of fully filled field formation, with its own label (name)?

      It is not for nothing that in ancient times the name of the field was Ether, and now it has been renamed to Dark Matter. You can call it whatever you want, but the essence does not change. Now imagine what perspectives would open up for all of us, if we all took and started using the field that exists at the quantum level?!



Association “Anima mundi”


To be continued…



12.06.2023: A new era of DNA engineering


Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (FAUST):


They push and shove, they roar and clatter!

They whistle and whirl, jostle and chatter!

They glimmer and sparkle, stink and flare!

The genuine witch-element’s there!

We’ll soon be parted, so stay near!



     Everyone has heard tales and legends about exotic animals, that are not recognized by today's science (centaurs, gargons, etc.), but no one denies the presence of dinosaurs millions of years ago...


     The world is trying to change the genome with the help of chemistry by cutting DNA, but is it really necessary to behave so brutally? Research has shown, that everything consists of fields and everything can be freely controlled with the help of those same fields. A cell as an organism has its own field, that surrounds it. It has its own internal structure, each part of which has its own field, and the totality of cells forms an organism, which has its own field connecting all cells around the whole organism, and information is exchanged between cells through it. All geneticists know very well, that the smaller the cell, the easier it is to change its characteristics. Therefore, it is not recommended to irradiate pregnant women and babies with X-rays, because radiation is one of the parts of the field, that penetrates through membranes by changing the DNA chain (the information in it).


      Perform a rudimentary experiment with a developing organism. Take and place an organism (sample) in a structure isolated from the effects of external fields and let it develop naturally, and place another sample in a structure of changing fields. Mother nature will make its own order, regardless of your will and will affect according to the parameters and algorithms assigned by the external field. You will be surprised, but the organism, that was placed in the fields, will be much more mutated. CONCLUSION: the fields do not change the DNA structure itself, but the surrounding protective fields in the DNA structure settle down in a certain order, adapting to the external impact, in order to keep the information recorded in the DNA database about the aggressive environment, in which it can survive (mutate).


     In order to change the DNA, it is enough to simply change the established fields (in a closed system of fields) and record the desired information by changing the frequency and modulations, and then just let the organism adapt itself to external factors. Since the organism removed from the closed system will try to adapt to the new environment and factors (fields), it will begin to generate its own separate field, in order to facilitate the transition to the new environment. Mutations, which occur collectively in all colonies of organisms, become the norm, but when a new mutation occurs, the old organisms have to give way to the new organism or adapt to the effects of the new environment.

     Humanity has not made any progress in deciphering the DNA garbage of the genome. It was declared, that it was just garbage accumulated by DNA. Many mistakes have already been made and will be made in the world of science, such as rudiments and atavisms were recognized as unnecessary at the beginning, and later it turned out, that they are organs performing special functions. What everyone calls DNA garbage, maybe we should first understand, what is stored in them, and only then make assessments? DNA garbage – the entire history of the human genome with its beginnings, mistakes, successes and failures. As folk wisdom says: if you don't know history, you will make all the same historical mistakes.



Association “Anima mundi”

To be continued…

30.05.2023: Safe technology of hydrogen production


       In the classic linear model, the anode and cathode are immersed in water, through which an electric current is allowed, and with the help of the field created between the anode and the cathode, depending on the intensity and power, the water is split into hydrogen and oxygen. The process works, but with huge costs and inefficient use of potential (electrolyzer). Batteries and many other contemporary devices work on the same principles. So, we have one common feature – each such contemporary device performs only one function, which is a huge waste of materials and resources.


Principles of operation of a new type electrolyzer / battery / generator (EBG)

     Take several anodes and cathodes grouped together and pass an electric current and frequency through them in different superpositions, about 17 kHz through one of them and about 2,44 kHz through the other (the whole process takes place in the same container). Place piezo elements with reflectors in the EBG system, which due to the harmonics created in the process and resonating with the plates, will raise a wave, that will increase the rate of water splitting several times. A field reflector must be placed in the inner part of the container, which would direct the peak current values to a separate section, where hydrogen and oxygen accumulate (separated), and it can already be used as a battery or to power the same process in a circle.

      During the process of hydrogen release, due to processes at the subatomic level, a huge field is created, that can be used to control the EBG, for example, for increasing power, creating an external field, modulation, etc.


But... as always, when creating next-generation devices, you will encounter some nuances.


The use of this EBG is possible in all areas: household, space, military, medicine, etc.



Association “Anima mundi”

To be continued…


19.05.2023: We give you a fishing rod – you will catch the fish yourself!


       Man is a very strange creature, who wants to receive discoveries immediately and without any effort, and when this happens, then he shouts, that he knew everything in his mind a long time ago, he just hid it for a long time and did not tell anyone, did not show it to anyone and did not brag about it. And then what to do with those people, whose thoughts were realized in their heads and were transferred not only to paper, but also made a working prototype?

       It is strange to read happy letters, that after the first tests, impressive results were obtained with metals, but not everything went to full scale, because of small problems, such as field stability, process control, process measurement, etc. It is understandable, that classic electric furnaces for melting metal (induction, resistance, arc) were not suitable, because they are only affected by an electric arc, and the heated materials insulate the fields in a way.


The world of knowledge through the keyhole

      If you use heated materials for fusing metals, they must be melted separately and by dispersion method let them through the fields in a closed system, changing the frequencies of the fields, which will allow the atom of each metal to resonate with the frequency of its and with the specific frequency of the adjacent atom structure. In this way, the overall resonant frequency of the system will change depending on the materials being fused. Although... everything can be done in a different way.


NOTE: if you use hydrogen to clean materials, you will encounter some problems, such as delayed burn ball (plasma arc) action. But you should really be able to easily fix this yourself.


Since we received questions, we also will ask You the question: have you already planned how you will connect (weld, fuse) these new composite compounds?


Association “Anima mundi”

To be continued…


03.05.2023: INSTRUCTION: movement without pushing force


    All substances have their own field, i.e. magnetic, electromagnetic, static, gravitational, etc. The difference is only in the measurement fixation devices. It looks very funny, when the phase of different fields is measured with the same principle and device. For example, gravity is measured by a radiation change device, that measures radiation, although all possible values of the device are only those, that were originally assigned to the device itself. The measuring device will show and record only those phenomena and values, that are known in advance and fall within the limits of the measuring scale of the device.


Do you really need a pushing force, that to make an object move?

     Today all space industry and other aviation is understood as movement through pushing force. Gases or other substances are expelled at high speed in the direction opposite to the vector movement and are limited by the mass and speed ratio of the expelled substance and the resistance of the substance. It’s only necessary to change a few conditions, the perception of materials, the environment and ...

       Is gravity really an evil, to be fought against? Maybe you need very little, to move without pushing force? The solution is right under your nose, you just have to take it.

      In order to isolate the system, it’s enough to surround the moving object with modulated fields, which will form a unique system closed inside the object, while outside the observer will see the plasma (ionization) field. It has long been known, that materials create a field through torque around an object, which affects the field density and direction. This does not mean, that it's necessary to twist a physically material object, in order to move in any vector. It's enough with the help of a modular field to isolate the effect fields, that are perceived as gravity (affects absolutely all objects, magnetics, diamagnetics, etc.). The body of the object is best made of materials, that are magnetically conductive, for example, pure magnesium, manganese, etc.


There are always nuances

     In order for you to perceive those modular fields, you need measuring devices, that record it. If you don't have recording / measuring devices – you'll be going in circles.


Folk wisdom: only when you wade into the river, will you find out, what the river really is.



Association “Anima mundi”


To be continued…


28.04.2023: The message, like a command in the army – must be clear and short.


What does the knowledge from the past tell us?

      Almost everyone has heard the legend about Prometheus, but everyone heard it differently. The basis of the legend is, that Prometheus supposedly gave fire to man, for which the other gods punished him. Looking at it from a scientific point of view and setting the task correctly, a strange feeling comes over, what if the gods are just knowledge? Then we get the result, that the punishment was for the transfer of knowledge.


This time we are sharing knowledge about new generation material development technologies.

      All try to heat metals to a liquid or gaseous aggregate state and mix various metals or other elements over time. But why does everyone forget, that heated metal or other material changes its field properties? It’s difficult to do anything with heated material, because no one has canceled the laws of gravity. Before starting to process the material, you need to turn on the magnetic field at the selected frequency, choose the order of pouring the materials, but before inserting any of the materials, you need to increase the pulses and ...

      By experimenting with alloys we found, that changing the condition of exposure to the material, changes the properties of the material due to the change in the aggregate state. It was enough just to change the frequency, with which the material was affected – it became possible to fuse incompatible elements and obtain new properties of the material. In this way, a new stage of material science opens up, which would allow the use of new superior materials/composites in extreme conditions.


Areas of use? Medicine, aviation, aerospace, military industry, light/heavy industry, etc.


We really hope, that everyone will have the will and effort to see for themselves!



Association “Anima mundi”


To be continued…



18.04.2023: Man plans – God laughs

     When we were children, we all dreamed, that one day we would fly into space to conquer other planets, but with the years came the realization, that there is a huge chasm between the dream and its realization, which needs to be filled with knowledge and work.


When 8.9748 is reached

      Space idea hunters, who hunt for ideas, think, that primitive people are around and they can be tricked. The scheme is time-tested: 1) a tender is announced to submit an idea for some installation, its part or solution; 2) all participants are later notified individually, that they did not win, and the alleged winner is not publicly announced; 3) reverse engineering of ideas / solutions is performed. The most important thing is to ensure, that no one finds out about the fact of using someone else's idea / solution. If it is a very closed System or a specialized application, for example, in the space or military industry, it can be stolen and appropriated without any tension, because no one will ever allow to check what and where it was applied / used.

You can only cheat once!

    When the creator sees directly or indirectly, that part or all of his idea has been used, then after such revelation, everything becomes grotesque. God forbid, if a working prototype was already created when presenting the idea, then the implementation of this idea goes to the competitors with much greater pressure. Bitter historical experience then forces the space and military industries to avoid lies and deception. But as a rule, until the last moment everyone chases away the thought, that the creator of the idea-prototype can take and sell the technology he created to a competitor at any time.

       Reverse engineering is fine, when you already have the technology you've created and know it's superior to others, but only until the next new technology comes along. Even space developers in the right direction, going by the rejection method and not having the full technology, get stuck on a primitive element of deception, because no developer ever immediately gives full information about the created prototype. From NASA and ESA resounding descriptive articles, each creator identifies, which elements of their creations have been taken over and used, demonstrating the primitive nature of the system. Rescue of the system, when choosing a way to separate research and creativity – a mechanism that has long been broken.

De jure – the horse, de facto – did not get up?!

     What happened to the conquerors / leaders of space, the famine of ideas began and the investors were disappointed with the results? The answer on the surface: if you start with lies and deception, then the result is a lie. A good example is the "Virgin Orbit" project, which was presented with great fanfare, as it was about to teach everyone in the world, how to invade the vastness of space from the territory of the UK and become the leader of the space industry, but it turned out as always – a lie and experienced an absolute fiasco.

      The bankruptcy of "Virgin Orbit" exposed the fraud mechanism of start-ups. But maybe it's not so bad? Start-ups have learned, that fantasy and reality are very different from each other. The desired result cannot be attracted and presented as reality. The UK government and private investors have learned, that it is best to touch a prototype before starting financing, and not just read some promises on a piece of paper. If it's any consolation, know, that the world has reached a dead end. From all the movies, YouTube and other junk, that you watched, talked to and convinced on fingers, that everything will work out – you shouldn't have expected a different result.

      The conflict in Ukraine only showed, that Russia's weaponry has a huge superiority in technical and scientific terms. So, once again, it becomes clear, that the entire Western World is following the path of lies. Folk wisdom says, that prayers and faith will not start the engine!

        Advice for developers and investors: provide investors with a prototype and only then will there be a clear mutual agreement. The investor will see what perspective he is investing in, and the developer will know which way to go.

To be continued…

07.04.2023: Let's not do it now, we'll do it tomorrow!

    Technological development is not a new start, but an improvement of what already exists. Observing how strangely everyone presents new technologies, it becomes no longer clear whether we are creating, or trying to deceive ourselves and others? A very strange practice has become established when an old inefficient technology is newly introduced. We repaint, color and put an inscription, for example, H2 liquid, WARP, magnetic levitation, and so we go towards complete absurdity. The world is drowning in its own sea of lies. It all started with the fight against climate change, but in reality, we have only accelerated the formation of climate change phenomena...

      The more CO2 in the air, the more flourishing vegetation, the more oxygen, food, diversity, etc., but it has become unclear what we call climate change? Natural nature and cosmic processes, that are cyclical? Is it, that a single volcanic eruption emits several times more CO2 than the entire human race produces CO2 in a year? Already 50 years ago, scientists explained, that the earth's warm period is coming, in which all life forms will flourish, including relict viruses. Knowing about new (old) biological diversity, viruses, do we really need to take and improve virus killing technologies? After all, mother nature tends to get rid of parasites herself. For example, a snake appeared, that has an exceptional poison to kill instantly, then an animal or plant immediately appears in nature, that either feeds on that snake or neutralizes it.

      We accelerate the processes of CO2 formation in nature with ammonium and methane production and its utilization. We don't have clean technology, because we use outdated technologies, to present like new ones. We order ostensibly reliable scientific research, which is attracted to the desired result, and here we have a new technology, which, as it turns out, is more effective than the old one only after repainting the body with new paint.

      Climate change is inexorably changing the composition of the air we all breathe, which is changing everything around us. Human bodies change – height, mass, body processes and new characteristics are formed. It is clear, that everything is changing around now, all flora and fauna, and what will happen after this transformation ends? Already new species of viruses and animals are discovered almost every day. How did it happen here, that humanity is not ready to fight new viruses and new natural phenomena?

      Warned – you can say you are armed. In 50 years, it was certainly possible to come up with technological solutions, which would allow us to be at least partially prepared in the worst-case scenario, without misery and haste. As always, politicians are only concerned with their own ratings, not the prevention of dangers. The pandemic has shown very clearly what the current global SYSTEM is worth. Isn't it time to stop talking about how we're starting to start? Maybe we should give the green light to prototype developers, instead of feeding a dead horse?

      You would be very surprised to know, that there are people who understood long ago, that what you did today, will be improved tomorrow. Can you imagine the technological advances, that have been made with this approach? No one told everyone in the world to create only what corporations ask! In the event of a biological threat, you will need to think about protection against the threat, not about how to look good. And as is common among humans, in the worst-case scenario, everyone will pour their bile on those, who have already developed life-saving technologies. Naturally, a moral question arises, will the tomorrow of the near future be the same for everyone?

To be continued…


02.04.2023: What broke and why?

       The world has already breathed its last after the massive blowing of Hydrogen through electrolyzers. Everything happened as it was prophesied: with great fanfare it was presented to the whole world who the leaders are and how they will fill everyone with hydrogen above their heads. But all those big companies or corporations seem to have just let the air out of their tires. Shell is still quietly trying to do something new in the hydrogen filling stations for heavy vehicles. This time we won't have to wait long and we will all be watching another fiasco again. The automotive, marine, aviation, space industry, as well as the domestic use of hydrogen or its mixtures will also fail, unless...?!

       The desire of all the corporations, oil, gas, coal giants to maintain the current status quo is fading fast, because they have just clearly realized that the safe use of hydrogen is only possible on an individual basis, only on demand and without storage. Everyone in the world is trying like crazy to cling to user control, because if new technologies are used, that will allow us to no longer depend on the electric wire, filling column, etc., then they believe, that the world will collapse.

       Electricity today is a resource, that comes from any technological development, and the user is being blown into the eyes, that he will fail without the electricity grid balancing system. It would be very interesting to look at the situation, when the electricity suddenly goes out and everyone who uses heat pumps at a temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius rushes to call the network operator and it turns out, that they cannot call, because there is no electricity. The trouble starts only a few hours later, when the toilet stops working, the water freezes, the pipes burst and everyone warms up under the blankets. This is a very macabre situation, that clearly shows, that the whole world has too much faith in big systems that, like insurance companies, guarantee until everything is fine. But only when something happens, they immediately start looking for the culprits and explanations for why it happened. As if for the user, it changes something fundamentally.

       The stagnation of the automobile, aviation, and space industries began several years ago. It seems that nothing significant new is being created anymore, but let's not rush to conclusions! There are breakthroughs, but it turned out, that it is impossible to break through the mire of bureaucracy and reluctance, because you need to use all your energy to convince and show how beautifully you can sing, dance, and look good, which has absolutely nothing to do with technology. It turns out, that outsiders simply cannot admit, that they are not the leaders in technology!

       King Solomon: "Everything will change". Historically, it always happens, that breakthroughs are not made by big companies or countries, but by very small countries or individual people, who overturn old established systems and elevate technologies or resources, that were considered insignificant. Until the beginning of the 20th century, oil was worthless and only with the advent of technology, that used methods of energy transfer by burning oil products – the oilmen's prosperity began.

      And again, it's time for a change in technology, i.e. from fossil energy sources to the use of new hydrogen technology. But corporations and resource managers don't want that very much! Therefore, they are trying to limit everything to hydrogen fuel cells and hydride compounds. Manufacturers of internal combustion engines, together with oil product refiners, are trying to realize various projects in order to bind the consumer as strongly as possible, and here such giants are revealed as: Toyota, Hyundai, BMW, Honda, JSB, Shell, Total, etc.

        In the beginning everyone jumped into hydrogen fuel cells with electric motors, then hybrid internal combustion engines to burn hydrogen gas, and now they are talking about the use of ammonium in the automotive industry. But this is the same internal combustion engine technology, that has been used since the 19th century. The situation is the same with hydrogen fuel cells, there in a primitive way hydrogen is injected with oxygen through the membranes and in this way a potential is obtained at the ends, in other words, electromotive force is created. This technology has already been developed more than 200 years ago! Where is the novelty here? This is another scam!

      Everyone talks about how beautiful they are and how lucky they are in the development of automobiles, aviation, and space technology, but they don't say anything about where the tragedy might be. The experimental base has clearly established, what happens at critical moments with hydrogen or ammonium, and the results show, that hydrogen gas burns at a speed of 3,5 m/s and a combustion flame temperature of over 3000 degrees Celsius, while all other oil products burn at much lower speeds and lower temperature. Or maybe someone can explain how you can extinguish a burning device with a hydrogen cylinder with a pressure of 350-700 bar? Maybe you will pour water, acid or alkali?

       Hydrogen likes to react with other substances, and due to its atomic mass it is not only penetrating, but also perfectly binds to other large molecules, to form stable chains. There are solutions for everything, you just need to be able to hear and have the desire. New generation technologies have already been developed and it is long past time to start using them. The problem with large corporations is that their investors, shareholders do not have access to this information, and when they learn about the next generation of technology too late, they will feel as if they have just swallowed a fly.


Ancient wisdom says: "If you are not the leader in the dog sled – the picture does not change!"

To be continued…


31.03.2023: The big – the small

      All good and beautiful things begin with small things. Everything stems either from a problem or from a desire to replace the old with a better, newer one. As folk wisdom says, the road to hell is paved with good wishes. As soon as the world (the big ones) decided to suddenly change the way they store and use energy, everyone stood up and clapped their hands. Now this will be the beginning of the death of all resource holders.

      Life is so wonderful because fate has a strange sense of humor. He wanted a lot and well, and he got it as always. The world has rightly assumed (but is now quietly refusing) that hydrogen is a prospect and has endless possibilities in the future and in all fields. Over time, researchers (scientists) discovered that not everything is as simple as everyone said!

      While everyone was chanting spells and incantations that hydrogen is gas and gas is gas, it burns the same way, we're going to start delivering hydrogen through existing infrastructures, and we can start using it here and now in the automotive, aerospace, marine, we can run on hydrogen all the equipment of the space industry. But in reality, it turned out to be quite the opposite and others went the other way – towards the development of new technologies. Things began to change after the euphoria of trying to use hydrogen through existing grids, boilers, engines, etc. faded away. The realization came that hydrogen has enormous potential, but only if you have the technology to use it, and that's where the troubles began.

     The world started using hydrogen based on old technological foundations (new dress, old virgin) and it turns out that nothing works. Then he rushed to look for an intermediate option to get out of the situation. All the big ones have promised that we will soon bring all the owners of fossil resources to their knees.

      There are big and very small players in the world. The only difference is that the little ones realized a long time ago that they won't get anything without technology, so it's necessary to create absolutely new technologies for using hydrogen first, and only then climb on top of the tank. An Indians proverb says: "If the horse dies, get off it." But unfortunately, the Great Ones try to take the dead horse and bring it food (money), saying that this horse will still show great results.

      Of course, there were those who understood that the situation needed to be saved with other materials, etc., for example - ammonium:

a) ammonium is highly toxic;

b) when burning, ammonium forms large molecular persistent toxic compounds;

c) ammonium is a very unreliable adherence agent, just inhale and paralysis is guaranteed;

d) ammonium use in cars, aviation, ships and household is not allowed, because there is no safe technology.

      The use of ammonium is a very big step back to disproportionate risks and primitive technologies that are more than 150 years old. The conclusion is simple: the era of hydrogen will begin when new technologies become widespread that allow hydrogen to be used and burned in real time without loss, avoiding endless problems. And such technologies have already been created and started to be implemented, only the big ones don't want to see them and don't even want to hear about them.


A wise man says that the stone age ended not because the stones are over…

To be continued…


27.03.2023: The beginning of the end - or how 200-year-old technologies are newly developed.

Technological progress usually happens on demand, but not in this case, i.e. without using hydrogen.

200 years ago, when hydrogen and oxygen were primitively poured into a container, they got electricity, and what's next?
Everyone makes the same vessels and infuses hydrogen with oxygen and experiences the same phenomena and results?

And where is the innovation? Bigger pots? more hydrogen?
The answer is simple: all these fake inventions and innovations make investors blind.

A good example is "WARP" technology, which everyone is already trying to do without success.
Everyone is just starting to announce that they will soon make a space technology discovery and only a few dollars are missing to make the project a reality!
After receiving money to develop the project, the following of fairy tales begins, that you will soon succeed :))
Only later it turns out that there is a lot of truth in the proverbs.
They say: I just started living well and suddenly ran out of money :)))

The result is always the same: either the donkey is dead, or the sultan is dead, or the narrator is dead ("startup")

To create a new technology, you don't need money, you need desire and talent, and to implement it in society, you need money.
#innovation #success
I agree that hydrogen technology is the future in energy and other fields, but certainly not in the way that was already done 200 years ago.

Since I had to touch the living hydrogen technology, which cannot even be seen here with a light, it becomes a very clear perspective that everything that has absolute innovation cannot be missed in its course by bypassing corporations.

After all, no one wants to allow autonomous technologies to emerge, because there will be nothing left to exploit. #future #technology #startup #energy #talent #money #electricity #project 😎


13.03.2023: The first message from the U. S. – the closure of the insolvent Silicon Valley Bank. The second message – Washington will no longer bail out big banks in trouble. What we see happening today is the result of wrong decisions made in the past. As soon as banks were allowed to finance empty ideas, the era of startups began, the giant lie machine started and the industrial depression began. Working prototypes should have been funded, but the opposite happened. Today, you only need to demand to show what was actually created with borrowed money and you will suddenly realize, that to all creditors have been put horns.

THE SOLUTION – to turn to technology developers, who have working prototypes and are alone trying to wade through the swamp of lies. Such developers are usually very small, you will not find their traces in banks and they are not really sponsored by corporations. You want to spend money on new technology – touch the created thing ;)

To be continued…

02.03.2023: Everyone repeats the same mantras and incantations, that hydrogen is the perfect element to mix with methane. Really?
     Hydrogen is very sensitive to storage and transportation, and its use for heating (at home) – a separate legend. The smart people talk about the production of hydrogen and a little about the problems related to it, but everyone like under a spell avoids further insights about the problems of hydrogen use.

     Hydrogen burns into point, which is already a huge problem, that is taboo to talk about. Another problem is the transportation of hydrogen by rail, ships, gas pipelines, gas cylinders – it is also taboo here for some reason. Scientists all over the world are working hard in their labs with burning of hydrogen, but so far they have not provide solutions. Imagine, what will happen, if they supply hydrogen to heating systems (boilers) for consumers? That would be a huge mistake.

     The world is focused on the production of hydrogen, but not on the use of hydrogen, and with this attitude, the world will solve this problem for another hundred years. The solution is simple, but no one wants to see or hear it, because then a very uncomfortable truth will emerge. It is most convenient not to change anything, to keep lying to everyone, that we will soon start looking for an idea, that will come to mind for money? This has been happening for many years and the big ones are not even going to change anything. The proverb says: until the lightning strikes, then a person will not start to pray.

To be continued…

24.01.2023: The whole world was delusional for many years about mixing hydrogen with methane or propane gas, but over time they learned, that these gases do not mix in the long term and such gas mixtures should not be allowed into main gas pipelines. Gas users went into catatonia and started hangovers. Suddenly everyone started talking again about the ecological production of methane gas from organic compounds. There have been those, who claim, that cars should be filled with methane gas and that internal combustion engines should continue to be used in transport. So where are the heralds, who shouted louder than each other, that they already have a technological solution how to rid the planet of CO2 excess? Today it is clear, that their goal was only to absorb money, not to fulfill obligations. All are clever at presenting an idea, a concept, but no one have gone further as an idea or a concept. Therefore, it can be safely called fantasies, that are only in the head, but do not have any technical progress justification.

       Let's hypothetically imagine the process of creating a WARP engine. The goal of the great ones – maximum result with minimum effort. Therefore, an impressive budget is announced, the task is formulated and handed down to the most talented entrepreneurs or university managements. The fact is, that this task is neither interesting nor necessary for everyone, only that impressive budget is needed to support the lifestyle. No matter which direction we choose, the impressive budget will have to travel through start-up companies, the TRL system, consortia (where at least one member must belong to a group, for example: Hydrogen Europe or Hydrogen Europe Research). On the way down, the atomic part of the impressive budget will reach the bottom, where the extremely responsible, difficult and complex process of teaching plankton at the university is carried out for pay. Everyone, who had to study at the university, immediately understood, that the WARP engine was started by plankton. Such a system destroys the emergence of absolute novelty, because everything must remain only with the great ones and for their well-being.

        A good start – half the job, but the system is man-made, and where a man has touched, you can always expect an exception or an error. Obviously, the system was designed to have full control over progress from top to bottom. Alternative opportunities are created by patents and patent law, but in practice it does not work, because patent law is heterogeneous and treated differently in the world, and anecdotal wisdom says, that if you are in a special hurry to get out - patent it! Until recently, public trust in science was unconditional and obvious. Time has shown, that such confidence was naive and ridiculous, as the great mass of results was attracted to the desired result. Plagiarism checking systems are very limited and cannot detect plagiarism, where in other words the old is presented as new. The public wants to insinuate, that only universities - educational institutions can create, and impressive budgets – guarantee the result. Is it really that simple in reality, when conditions change?

     The form of the content changes every time, when the experience visits. At the same time, a feeling is formed, that printed promises cannot influence anyone by themselves. So, a different form of speech is formed during the game, when the necessary decisions become sleek. Progress slows until eventually it stops and there is no more room for deception or punishment. But there will always be such educated eyes, that will not stop looking over the shoulder of the developers, there will be legs, that will run to the laboratories and try to replicate, what was already noticed long before. With such an established system, nothing new can even theoretically emerge, the great ones will try to continue to maintain their way of life, and we will all climb onto the same rake, until…


To be continued…

31.12.2022: Unfortunately, hydrogen is not like gasoline or diesel, which are the materials of relatively low flammability, explosiveness and penetration. Before getting into a car equipped with hydrogen fuel cells, consider the facts responsibly, that hydrogen gas burns 7 times faster than methane gas, it has no smell, the hydrogen filling process is particularly dangerous in sub-zero temperature conditions, the point burning of hydrogen begins after the conditions of concentration, pressure and spark are met, and in the worst case scenario, you will only have 1-2 seconds to control the unfortunate event. Today it is already obvious, that the ideas and prayers of start-ups alone will not start the engine, the essence of the problem remains the same – the use of hydrogen.

      Let's go back to the recent past when acid was just acid and was used at just a few percent strength. Until a person appeared, who used an intermediate metal, that participated in the reaction, but did not remain in the compound, thus a new stage of reactives / catalysts began in the history of the global chemical industry. Today we have an analogous situation with hydrogen gas, which is simply understood bluntly like any other gas, so the aim is to attract hydrogen gas to the desired result, without trying to understand and admit, that everything can be done differently. The world is trying to curb the hydrogen atom, although many do not even realize, that behind it, is the control of magnetic, electric, gravitational and other fields, and until we control the fields at the quantum level – nothing will be achieved.

      Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall move the world (Archimedes, 287 BCE - 212/211 BCE). True ideas are not forgotten through the ages, and how far will we go with the expression of an idea of the present day, when scientists find, that a fly becomes deaf, when all its limbs are cut off? When changing the direction and aiming to do differently, it will be necessary to break the given scientific mindset, to adopt new forms of systematization, to change or modify the available measuring devices, because they were given measurement limits in advance. Without the titanic effort and gigantic manipulation of hydrogen to get an electric current, it only takes a few watts to get the strong/weak interaction. The result – great strength – energy trapped at the quantum/subquantum level. The smaller the particle, the greater the energy released.


Have an ingenious New Year!


To be continued…


25.12.2022: Technology, that is significantly more advanced than what is currently used - akin to magic.

      The world has run into a few small problems and the seams of the ball came loose. We no longer mix hydrogen gas with other gases, the revolution in the use of pure hydrogen (gas/liquid) has not happened in practice, we pass hydrogen with oxygen through a membrane into a container and get electric charges with a huge heat problem, which we solve using the same resource - electricity. We have lifted a long-known, researched and written-off technology from the technology bench - Tokomak. So now we raise the temperature to infinity in the circular electromagnetic field of the high-temperature plasma. But here it is the same as looking for a black cat in a dark room, when it is not even there!

      In order to add value, it is enough to pass hydrogen gas through a structured low-frequency field, where the charges acquire an additional shoulder, which after using it we obtain a huge amount of energy and perform energy management with the same fields. So, without much effort, hydrogen can be used to generate heat, to product electricity, etc.

To be continued...


17.12.2022: The Achilles heel of all hydrogen technology - the lack of knowledge about the material itself and its properties when conditions change (temperature, pressure, shape, field, etc.). When the fields are formed at zero-degree temperature (Kelvin), hydrogen atoms acquire a linear structure in the direction of the force field lines when moving along the field lines, due to their diffuse properties, they acquire and take over the properties of other electrics and dielectrics. For example, hydrogen at zero K (Kelvin) temperature is 1,974 × 10-9 m3/kg, at 293 K temperature is 1,9867 × 10-9 m3/kg, but in order to keep the substance at <20 K (in the liquid state) hydrogen will be 2,7 × 10-9 m3/kg. CONCLUSION: at even the slightest temperature change, the material begins to stretch and the crystal lattice holes are knocked out of the material (not to mention the monocrystalline or polycrystalline state). Hydrogen does not have a magnetic structure up to a certain limit, so its use is very small, but after it is structured, it can be used in quantum mechanics as a stabilizer, adding to other sequences of technical solutions.

To be continued...


11.12.2022: History repeats and now it's time to say: THE KING IS NAKED! (Hans Christian Andersen: The Emperor's New Clothes, 1837).

    Thanks Robert Boyle (in 1671) for discovered and described the reaction, which resulted in the production of gas. Thanks Henry Cavendish (in 1776) for described the density of inflammable air, which formed water on combustion process. Thanks Alessandro Volta (in 1800) for described the direct current source. Thanks John Daniel (in 1836) for the discovery of a two-fluid battery (Daniel Cell).

      Let's skip 184 years and jump straight to 2020. We are using high-capacity batteries extensively and moving towards hydrogen fuel cells with great enthusiasm. Volkswagen published a great technology comparison, BUT as always, not everything was revealed.

Title: Battery or fuel cell, that is the question

Date: 03.12.2020


“In the case of the hydrogen-powered e-car, the losses are much greater: 45 percent of the energy is already lost during the production of hydrogen through electrolysis. Of this remaining 55 percent of the original energy, another 55 percent is lost when converting hydrogen into electricity within the vehicle. This means that the hydrogen-powered e-car only achieves an efficiency of between 25 to 35 percent, depending on the model. For the sake of completeness: the efficiency is even worse with alternative fuels. The overall efficiency here is only 10 to 20 percent.”

      It's clear, that the implementation of technologies always aims at only one most important goal - to keep the user connected to the common network. When you need to charge the car's battery - you will connect to the public electricity network and pay according to the set price, when you need to add hydrogen to the car's system to produce electricity - you will connect to the public hydrogen network and pay the set price. Do you still remember those cool times and the famous NOKIA ( slogan - Connecting people? Unfortunately, today we have to state, that everything has improved so much and it has become a different reality - CONNECTED PEOPLE.

    You will say where the problem is, if it is a normal daily life of the user? The first problem lies in the current balancing of the electricity grid. From now on, start constantly measuring the fluctuations of the electric voltage entering the internal home network, sometimes give the internal network maximum loads and it is only a matter of time when you will be unpleasantly surprised. The second problem lies in the structure of hydrogen gas. Hydrogen gas is not an ordinary macromolecular gas, but a gas with an atomic structure. Buy a filled hydrogen gas cylinder and weigh it, keep weighing it every month and you will be pleasantly surprised again.

      Let's skip 2 years and jump straight to 2022. When a person does not know and understand something in life, everything seems like wow / new to him. Investors these days have special patience for the outcome or have separate goals, that have nothing to do with the expected outcome. A few years pass and the old is presented to investors as newly invented. The problems of hydrogen production have been known for a long time and there are much better solutions than what is currently offered to investors. You will say gas is gas, but is everything really that simple with hydrogen gas, when it comes to the direct use of hydrogen gas?

Title: After selling two software start-ups for over $1 billion, founder turns his focus to green hydrogen

Date: 25.01.2022


"Also, a typical electrolyzer is about 70% efficient, meaning that about 30% of the energy that goes into an electrolyzer gets lost to heat. The H2Pro technology will be 95% efficient, Marco said.”

H2Pro aims to have pilot systems being tested in 2023 and utility scale systems in 2024. On Tuesday, H2Pro announced it has raised $75 million from investors including Bill Gates’ climate tech investing fund, Breakthrough Energy Ventures, and ArcelorMittal, a global leading steel and mining company. This most recent funding brings its total funding to $107 million.”

      Pay attention to the future tense in articles, that only say when something will be created, prepared, tested, delivered... The correct assessment of such a situation should be as follows: nothing new has been created, unforeseen problems have arisen, money of investors is running out and the promises made are only promises will remain.




      It seems, that now we will have to talk about the money. Success formula of EU Hydrogen Technology value chain: (5.4 billion EUR + perhaps 8.8 billion EUR) / 35 companies or 41 projects = 0.1543 billion EUR + perhaps 0.2514 billion EUR for company or 0.1317 billion EUR + perhaps 0.2146 billion EUR for the project. Let's pay attention to, what we will get after spending this money: Hydrogen Generation technology + Fuel Cells Technology + Storage Transportation and Distribution Technology + End User Technology.

     The established formula for success in this case is very simple, but the result is immediately clear. Money will 100% run out, expectations will not be met, everyone will be justified by war or inflation and precious time will be lost once again. Big world, why are you so strangely convinced, that discovering new technologies requires so much money? Is knowledge, trained eyes and life experience is no longer in fashion?

Title: State Aid: Commission approves up to €5.4 billion of public support by fifteen Member States for an Important Project of Common European Interest in the hydrogen technology value chain

Date: 15.07.2022


     Analyse the table above and let's imagine a case hypothetically, where a large corporation controls the global wiring industry and it learns in advance, that a wireless technology of energy supply is possible. What do you think the corporation will do with such advance information? We allow everyone to answer individually according to their own experience.

     If we have already talked about the money, we will have to mention start-ups as well. Read an eloquent and instructive article about Nikola Motor. It turns out, that not only good and beautiful things happen across the Atlantic, but sometimes bad ones too.

Title: Nikola founder Trevor Milton stands trial on fraud charges, capping a stunning rise and fall

Date: 13.09.2022


“Prosecutors allege:

  • Milton said that the company’s first semitruck prototype, called the Nikola One, was “fully functional” – but it wasn’t.

  • A video showing the prototype truck apparently driving under its own power was created by rolling the truck — which couldn’t drive on its own — down a hill.

  • Separately, Milton claimed that Nikola had engineered and built an electric pickup truck called the Badger, entirely on its own, after years of work. But, prosecutors say, the Badger was little more than “concept sketches and renderings” at the time of Milton’s initial statements.

  • While the company eventually showed a prototype Badger, the show truck was in fact built by third-party vendors and based on a truck from a large automaker.

  • Milton also told investors that Nikola was producing hydrogen gas — needed to refuel its fuel-cell-powered trucks — at a reduced cost; that Nikola had developed electric-vehicle batteries in-house; and that Nikola had binding orders representing “billions in revenue” for its electric trucks. All of those statements were false, according to prosecutors.”

     An idea or a start-up is the same, here as a thought with a name, which unfortunately turns out to have nothing to do with implementation. The current system of development and search for new technologies is broken - it needs to be fundamentally changed. Is it so difficult to set the same rules of the game for everyone? A technological innovation must be clearly understood, a working prototype must be created and only then, we can start talking about the development of the technology and other things, that are greatly overestimated in the life of a modern person.

      The beginning of the end comes with a thought someone says. If we don't find a way to use hydrogen directly, it will be like sand in the desert, that no one needs. Until recently the headlines flashed about mixing hydrogen with natural gas. But suddenly there was a sharp decrease in the number of speeches on this topic and what happened, we gained a bitter experience? Now the whole world is writing about the bright future of hydrogen fuel cells. And this is the best that science professors and hydrogen experts offered?

      Just two months have passed from 15.07.2022 and here is the second money injection into EU Hydrogen value chain: (5.2 billion EUR + perhaps 7 billion EUR) / another 29 companies or 35 projects. Let's pay attention to, what we will get this time after spending this money: Hydrogen Infrastructure + Hydrogen applications in Industry. It is clear, that the rush in this case is purposeful and the fears about the energy collapse of the EU are real. Whoever controls energy - controls everything.

Title: State Aid: Commission approves up to €5.2 billion of public support by thirteen Member States for the second Important Project of Common European Interest in the hydrogen value chain

Date: 21.09.2022



    We are nearing the end, so we offer a dessert called: The winners.

     In Category A: Concepts - "Power Barge based on fuel cell technology". Anyone who looks deeper will notice, that this concept is not new and it is not revolutionary, it is just a step backwards.

     In Category B: Prototypes - "dual-fuel and mono-fuel applications". Dear jury, that’s demonstrate technical feasibility? If you look deeper, you will find: "The HydroBingo is the first 80 passenger ferry for commercial use with two hydrogen diesel combustion engines. This hydrogen-powered ferry is an eco-ship that significantly reduces the amount of CO₂ and other harmful gases. CO₂ emissions are up to 50% lower compared to a conventional diesel engine.". Sorry, but hydrogen is a substance, that burns or explodes. A diesel engine in contact with hydrogen has two possibilities: to explode or to get holes in the body of diesel engine.

    In Category C: Existing Solutions - FCwaveTM, supplies ships with emission-free energy from hydrogen. Anyone who looks deeper will find product specifications of FCwaveTM: "peak fuel efficiency: 53.5%", "minimum start-up temperature: 0°C". Unfortunately, there is nothing new and the product is not economically useful for the user.

Title: Innovation Competition ‚ZeroEmission@Berth‘ / The winners

Date: 29.09.2022


“In Category A: Concepts, the award went to the Norwegian company TECO 2030 AS. With its Power Barge based on fuel cell technology, the company aims to bring to market a mobile, floating zero-emission power supply for ships at berth or at anchor. “A key aspect is that we look holistically at ports and the general conditions there for using our technology,” emphasised Fredrik Aarskog, the company’s Business Development Manager – Hydrogen Technology, at the award ceremony. Moreover, the system is not only suitable for use in ports or at anchor, but also for ships in motion.”

*TECO Marine Fuel Cell System:

“The winner in Category B: Prototypes is CMB Germany GmbH & Co. KG, a subsidiary of the Belgian CMB Group. CMB has developed dual-fuel and mono-fuel applications for the emission-free and emission-reduced onshore power supply of ships at berth. “What’s innovative is that you can continue to use an existing technology – the diesel engine, but convert it to hydrogen,” explains Benjamin Weinacht, Managing Director of CMB Germany. “We’re taking into account the fact that hydrogen is not yet immediately available everywhere, as the engines can continue to generate electricity with diesel during the transition phase.”


“The winners in Category C: Existing Solutions are the Danish companies Ballard Power Systems Europe and CS electric A/S. Their jointly developed and already certified product, FCwaveTM, supplies ships with emission-free energy from hydrogen. The fuel cells can be installed in 20-foot containers and, thanks to their very low noise level, are also highly suited for port environments. “Our approach was to use an existing zero-emission technology in a new environment – ports, which are looking to become more environmentally friendly in future,” says Thomas T. Petersen, Product Line Manager Marine at Ballard. “The solution has great potential, also because it can be scaled up quickly,” adds Gert Andersen, Senior Sales Manager at CS electric.”

*Fuel Cell Power Module for Marine Applications:

     Hydrogen vs nuclear energy? Winfried Otto Schumann (1888-1974) would advise you today to choose hydrogen. R. Rothrock said: “More money means more start-ups and to me that means more shots on goal (improving odds of success)”.  There is no success in hydrogen or in nuclear energy. In both cases only knowledge and experience are required. Otherwise, we'll just extend this list: Nikola, Theranos, Mars One...

Title: Why Silicon Valley is so hot on nuclear energy and what it means for the industry

Date: 02.12.2022


  • “Harvard’s Oreskes says the nuclear industry is a “technology with a long history of broken promises,” and she is skeptical of the sudden investor interest.”

“If you were my daughter, and you had a boyfriend that had made repeated promises to you over months, years, decades, constantly breaking them, I would say, ‘Do you really want to be with this guy?”

“She’s not categorically anti-nuclear, and supports the continued operation of nuclear power plants that already exist. But she’s particularly skeptical of fusion, which has been promised to be “just around the corner” for decades, and says this new round of investments in fusion “doesn’t pass the laugh test.”

  • “Ultimately, the new crop of nuclear startups has to figure out how to create nuclear energy in a cost-competitive way, or nothing else matters, says Rothrock.”

“More money means more startups and to me that means more shots on goal (improving odds of success),” he told CNBC.”

“The issue in nuclear is economics. Plants are complicated and take a while to build. Some of these new startups are tackling those issues making them more simple and thus cheaper. No one will buy an expensive power plant, especially a nuclear plant. Economics drives it all.”

    When winter comes snowflakes fall, the cold sets in and here are created perfect conditions for self-electrostatic. And now hypothetically imagine an EU pipeline filled with hydrogen gas, with underground hydrogen storage facilities, which connects even several or all EU countries. Everyone is just bragging about, how rivers of green hydrogen are about to start flowing, but everyone has forgotten the huge problem - the penetration of hydrogen atoms through materials. In this case bonus pater familia would ask: what do you think, how long it will be, before we all hear about the difference of potentials?

     More than fifty years have passed in the active search for an efficient and new way of hydrogen use. Forget those hydrogen fuel cells, this is just a dream, that won't catch on. There were those, who respectfully and questioningly looked at NASA, but there is silence on this side of the camp as well. Ambition: full control of the risk of explosion, control of the point burn of hydrogen and temperature removal through non-super materials. Hey everyone, who got funded, where are these working prototypes of hydrogen use?


EPILOGUE. Money spent on hydrogen progress only made the situation worse. In principle, no one overdid, because everyone from the beginning was only busy absorbing the money and justifying expenses.


To be continued…

26.10.2022: Maybe it's time everyone got their eyes checked? The projects being developed in the world today are limited to nomenclatural actions, not promising development. An eye doctor would clearly see signs of myopia here. Project funding is based on imposed compliance criteria, that have nothing to do with the final product. Thousands of calls for applications for the development of new technologies and ideas are published. Applications are submitted with incredible finesse, with the purpose - to get funding. And since when do you need money to create something new, maybe creative muses are sold in supermarkets or on YouTube?
          In the history of the world, there are many examples when working prototypes of new technologies are not interesting to anyone, until the conditions for it arise: crisis, pandemic, recession, end of resources, famine of ideas, etc. Then we face a situation where the money was spent, the result is zero, precious time was lost, because all the obtained results were attracted to the desired result.

       Hydrogen fuel cells - the future of human development? We will pour pure hydrogen into safe containers, produce electricity through a catalytic reaction, and call it moving with hydrogen? There was a time not long ago when the laws of physics were taught in schools and explained about the penetration of hydrogen through matter. Everyone forgot, that in 30 days period everyone hydrogen container loses from 23 to 60 percent of own pure hydrogen? Where is the economy, consumers will be warned about it?


To be continued...


22.10.2022: Who doesn't know history – will repeat the same historical mistakes. 150 years ago, it was said that fossil energy sources are only a temporary solution in the short term. The rule, that there is nothing more permanent than temporary, has proven itself once again. The long-term and massive use of fossil resources in energy systems has finally brought the world to a dead end. We announce funding and tenders, organize hackathons, invest in startups, allocate impressive budgets, and try to catch that one idea? The result: All quiet on the Western front (Erich Maria Remarque)?

          But do we all really want and are we ready for an absolute energy innovation? Can we end with this stone age already, when there are still stones around...?

          One of the possible solutions to the problem – water. Water as a universal type of fuel can be used in all states of aggregation and as individual elements: hydrogen and oxygen. Water is an ideal chemical state for storage, transportation, and conversion to other types of energy. After passing through the modulated fields, the hydrogen atoms acquire new properties and a huge amount of energy is released here. So, we have a new energy direction for movement in space and on earth.

          Don't mix hydrogen with other gases, don't make hydrogen for storage and transportation, we certainly don't need a visible and bright burning flame that we could take for use from a burning spot. The controlled use of freshly produced and immediately consumed hydrogen in small quantities is safe, because the surface tension of the shielding material needs to be maintained in order for an explosion to occur.

          Aviation and space technology have evolved through pushing forces and we have relegated aerostats as an unreliable and non-progressive form of propulsion in space. Maybe it's time to remember what is forgotten and take a new look at aerostats?


To be continued...

03.10.2022: The use of hydrogen in industry is currently only a few percent due to the limitations of modern technologies. Meanwhile, hydrogen is absolutely unused in the household. The goals set for science were focused on the production of cheap hydrogen, although the essence of the problem is and was the use of hydrogen. The publicized way of using hydrogen, which is often described as burning hydrogen by mixing it with other gases, is wrong and has absolutely no prospects for a technological breakthrough. Due to hydrogen burning speed and point burning, the use of hydrogen-based temperatures is very problematic and dangerous in modern devices.

       For example, through the existing gas pipeline we allow up to 20% of hydrogen mixed with methane gas (although hydrogen cannot be mixed and stored with other gases in the long term) to combustion boilers in power plants or to the final household user. Most of the modern gas heating boilers are created using the principle of blowing gas on the material or burning gas through burners and the principle of all combustion boilers in power plants is similar to a pot placed on a gas stove by a household user, in which immediately appears a hole, because the pot is not adapted to such temperature jumps, roughly rounded to lower half 3000 °C.

        Hypothetically, let's imagine that the pot did not appear a hole, because it was made of a newly discovered super material and let's imagine an ordinary household user who tries to stop the combustion process of the gas mixture. The burning speed of hydrogen leads a sudden introduction of the flame into the supply gas network, which in turn will cause catastrophic consequences for the network and nearby household consumers. Regardless of the operating principle of the selected gas heating boiler, all boilers will also burn out very quickly, if we use pure hydrogen or mix it with other gases.

       A possible alternative - hydrogen fuel cells and electricity obtained from them? Unfortunately not, but the comment on this technological direction later.

       During independent experiments it was noticed that hydrogen, under certain fields and conditions, acquires new properties completely uncharacteristic of it. Therefore, hydrogen should be considered as a substance for which, by changing the exposure conditions at the subatomic level, an extremely large amount of energy can be practically extracted. The use of energy at the subatomic level, allows us to expand the discussion about the use of hydrogen not only in industry and household, but also in aviation, shipping, space, etc.


To be continued...

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